First note

i just found out that if you submit a file to USACO with eclipse you can't have too much comments or else it wouldn't be able to find the file.

Instructions on download

This is the notes on how to download and play URPSS-v1.5.0 from the jarfile. Oh and if you want to find the jarfiles, they are on this website, but gl on finding them. This page is a clue.

  this is finalized version of new item release, working version of v1.5.0 Save is for backup, jar is legacy

  How to run
  sorry no mac

  Windows Users
  if you ever try to run this file, just download from zip, up zip and only move URPSSv1.5.0.jar and runURPSSv1.5.0.bat out

  Now, you need to download java jdk version 14.0.1 (version I used Sorry It's the newest version)

  (UPDATE: its now 14.0.2, you can use any)

  -if You don't have java jdk version, you can download here: Download java

  oh and just so you know, java isn't a virus, nor is this file.

  -Now when you finished downloading, make sure you add it to your java home and path

  -then click on the .bat file

  if you got an error, i'm pretty sure you didn't add to java home, its really easy:

  if you can't click the link: windows 10, 8, 7 (Haven't tested):

  go to search, open run application

  type sysdm.cpl
  click run
  In the sys properities, click on advanced tab
  click on environmental varibles (not to scare you, but be careful here)
  add a JAVA_HOME varible with jdk location
  edit the PATH varible and add jdk location
  move the jdk up
  click apply
  you should be able to run the bat file after these steps

  If you still have problems, that means that you don't have the correct java version try running java -version to check java version

  or type

  java -jar C:\\fileLocation\\URPSSv1.5.0.jar
  to see the error. (fileLocation is the location of the file) If you have specific problems, search them up or raise an issue. I can help

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