This is the gold league update, version control

Please do understand that some files are weird If you want to download files, copy the java files and create them in the right packages This is mostly functions as an archive to older versions of Ultimate Rock Paper Scissor Shoot. I have earlier versions of this, but private since it has way too much bugs. I’m pretty sure this version has just as many, but I didn’t spot any yet. Read the about in the game to know a little more about how to play. It was mainly made for me and to share with my friends.

This version is fully playable with minimal bugs (find list in newer versions). The folder URPSS is an eclipse project, so import it to eclipse to run. Main class is gameRunner.FullGame

I made this public because this is the version where the first beginner’s league is completed. This should have been version 1.0.0 Idk why I have a long list of what I did. Just disregard if you aren’t me reading this.

I was considering archiving this, but I thought I might make more updates idk.

I’m the author, even though the code is kind of ugly. It’s more for me to see older version, as this is the newest working version of the game As of 9/18/2020, the newest version is 1.5.1

Please give me credit for making this. Check out credit page for more (still WIP)

Even if you don’t see an author tag or the author is admin, its still me

Game.java is a test run, don’t run it. It shouldn’t run anyways. I’m pretty sure it could compile though.

Graph of code:









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